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Larger scale Goldwork, exquisite Sapphires, pinks (Eleuthera, PinkRose, Lucaya) and greens ( Forest, Lichen & Spruce), Mother of Pearl, and lots of long earrings.
Wonderful pearls, affordable(and irresistible) fancy diamonds, handwrought gold, have to have earrings, and inspirations to relieve recession.
FORTUNA - Celestial diamonds, keepsake lockets, rare Southsea pearls, holes, and wonderfully wearable earrings.
Exquisite Tahitian pearls, unusual everyday diamonds, Cognac diamonds, amazing garnets - new gold, more terrific new earrings.
BabyFringes (in 80+ colors, including mixes), Cascades, bigger Fringes, Golden circles with Diamonds - a hoop for every occasion.
the powerful mystery of Diamonds - Countesses, Contessas, Gyres, Anjous, Ingots, Trillians - wonderful bangles and sapphires and timeless hand finishes inspired by ancient masters.
MOSAIC - Fancy diamonds, exotic Keshi, Southsea And Tahitian Pearls, long, long opera necklaces, some with pearls, and as usual, fabulous new earrings.
New diamonds, and old - CyanSea, AppleGreen, Goa, Turquoise, Corals, Mint Quartz, Moonstone - smooth, faceted, Festivals, Saucers, and Purses.
A tribute to the Arctic, icebergs, glaciers, snow, and the moon...
self explanatory, original, superior value...
Fresh colorations (Circus, Gotham. Mojave, Sonora) - more new earring and necklace silhouettes - White and Cognac Diamonds - Smooth!
The ineffable beauty of the rarest palette of Sapphires, Cognac Citrines, the magic of Patina, Rouge and Capri colorations, the bluest of Topazes, Rhodolite Garnets and the most wearable of earrings.
Mammoth Ivory, Cognac Diamonds, delectable pastel pearls - Palomino, Champagne Quartz and Fossil Coral, and gold, and diamonds.
new color inspirations: Baja, Earth, Autumn, Lagoon and Vineyard, exotic woods, sparkling Jet, celestial Rubies and Sapphires, wearable Diamonds, and, irresistible new earrings.
Skyberry, Moonrise, Twilight, Aegean, Biscay and Raspberry mixes, reimagined Pavediamonds, Blue Topaz, Keshi Pearls, Brandy Citrine, Amethyst, and Iolite - wonderful new sensations.
New colorations - Dawn, Corfu, Meadow - new forms and manipulations - Hyacinth and Citrus Sapphires, extraordinary Pink Tourmalines, Lemon Quartz, pale Amethyst, Pearls, and Rose Quartz
Original, unique, wearable - signature necklaces - great earrings, and wonderful prices!